RISCO - Risk & Insurance Services Co.
Risk Management & Consulting & Audits

RISCO assists big and small business owners with understanding the complexities of managing their business risks.  Insurance is a transfer of risk for a premium.  Some risks are best transfered, while others are easily managed within.  Since every business has its own individual needs, RISCO will analyze your entire organization and operations to determine what is in the best interest for you.  RISCO will also help map out future risk concerns. 

Consulting and Counseling
For small business owners or homeowners, RISCO offers a wide variety of consulting and counseling services.  From a simple policy review to identify any policy coverage and/or endorsement deficiencies to giving you a second opinion on your policy, price and agent.  If you were considering a medical procedure, you would probably get a second opinion.  An insurance policy should be no exception because your policy governs your rights in a loss of any kind.

Insurance Audits
RISCO conducts insurance audits for clients that have policies based on revenue and/or categorizations.  RISCO can save you money and in many cases get money back from your insurance company for overpaid premiums.  It is a simple and inexpensive process, but very under utilized by business owners.  RISCO believes insurance audits are so important that we base our fees on a percentage of your recovery of overpaid premiums.  It's that easy.

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